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Frequently asked questions

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    Are you a realtor?
    No, none of us at NW Ventures LLC are licensed Brokers or Realtors. When we market or buy homes listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) we utilize the services of licensed Realtors. The majority of our properties are bought and sold without the need to hire a Realtor.
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    Are you a real estate attorney?
    No, none of us at NW Ventures LLC are licensed real estate attorneys. We hire local real estate attorneys to review and approve all of our contracts and documents to ensure the y meet the individual state requirements of the properties that we work with. We recommend that if you have legal questions or want a legal opinion, that you contact a real estate attorney.
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    I need to sell my house fast, how long does it take to close?
    Every transaction is a bit different with unique conditions, but on average we can close on a traditional purchase within twenty-one days. We pay in cash and can provide proof of funds letter along with our purchase offers. Non-traditional purchases can be made in just a few days. Please call so we can discuss various options.
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    How do I qualify to buy a house?
    Unlike most bank mortgages, with several of our purchase options you do not need to "qualify" for a loan. It is not determined by your credit score. In fact, bad credit is still ok! All that we require is a small non-refundable consideration fee that offsets costs, usually less than ten thousand dollars.
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    What areas do you provide services for?
    While our main offices are located in Spokane Washington and serve Eastern Washington, North Idaho, Western Montana and North Eastern Oregon, we also have affiliates with offices all around the United States and buy and sell properties nationally.
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    How long do I have to accept your purchase offer?
    Our offers are typically valid for 24 hours. You are welcomed to ask questions, provide a counter offer or ask for another offer at a later time. Time is of the essence when purchasing or selling properties as we have closing agents and contractors to schedule and buyers waiting for opportunities everyday as well.
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    How much is my house worth?
    That is always the big question. Realtors can provide you with market comparable sales but usually want the listing and the sales commission in return. We determine the Fair Market Value using the same comps, factor in costs and estimated repairs or improvements needed and determine a fair and honest maximum offer price.
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    What if I can not buy right now but expect to in the near future?
    No problem. We can work with you to find a house that you'll love and offer other programs such as our lease option/rent to own program where you rent the home to start then exercise your right to purchase it later at a price we agree to when you sign the lease option paperwork before you move in.

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