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We specialize in helping everyone to own their own home.
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We excel in helping anyone buy a home regardless of credit, with easy qualifying and little money down, often with immediate posession. Don't accept less!
We specialize in those hard to sell, need to sell homes. We close quickly and pay in cash! Bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, job loss, relocation, out of town landlords, we have the solutions.
Everyone should be able to purchase a "home"!
We sell homes ready to rehab with your profits already built in! We partner with you to provide great homes for the buyers in our neighborhood.
It has been said that it takes a neighborhood. That is as true today as it has always been. Way too often Banks make buying a home out of reach for far too many of our family, friends and neighbors.

Many neighborhood blocks have homes that have been through rought times, been neglected or just want a family to care for again.
Previous owners either could not keep or they did not want the houses any longer and those house can become "home" once again.

If you are purchasing or selling ahome, or interested n rehabbing homes we have many non-traditional methods to help everyone at the same time. Don't delay.

Give us a call today. (509) 850-0432 or email: info@nw-ventures.com

Duplex,Tri-plex, Quads, multi-family homes as well as commercial properties Nothing to small nor to large. When conventional financing says no we can help find a "Yes".